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Below article is from VPG newsletter - December 1990

Dierlam Hay and Ranch Service, located in Victoria, Texas is a family organization run by four of the five DIERLAM brothers along with their mother, MRS. A. T. DIERLAM. Situated in the historic district of Victoria, "Dierlams" as they are referred to began in early 1950’s with a hay baling and farm service to the farmers and ranchers of the area. In 1968 they began offering a liquid feed service to cattle raisers with the hay baling. The business grew fast. In 1970, MARK DIERLAM, the oldest of the five brothers decided to add dry cattle feeds to their business along with hay baling and liquid feed. Mark commented, "Then the business was only a hop, skip and a jump from Main Street. Now days we have customers from other counties coming into our store." Hard work, good service, dependable people and a good product mix has helped Dierlams appeal to a large portion of Victoria county residents.

As the other brothers, WAYNE, LARRY, and DAVID, become older, they joined the team to lend a hand. Wayne is responsible for the liquid feed business. Larry oversees the fence building and hay hauling and has crews working a four county area. David is the newest member of the staff and assists Mark and their Mom in managing the store.

Dierlam Hay and Ranch carries a wide variety of farm and ranch supplies. "When they come through the gate you gotta have what they want," says Mark and David. Dierlams stocks seed, fertilizer, farm and ranch herbicides including Hi-Yield 2, 4-D Amine and Hi-Yield Spreader, custom fertilizer spreading, live animals for sale, Hi-Yield Baler Twine and CF-I baler wire. They also offer custom plowing and disking.

Dierlams grew from a one building tore to a four structure business. David says, "If we tack one more pallet of Hi-Yield Ant Granules in here, the seams may burst. We are thinking of expanding again soon." Their objective is to handle what the customer wants. The Dierlam brothers all work well together and offer a customer a well rounded background and knowledge on a variety of subjects.

A fifth brother, STANLEY, is carrying on the tradition by owning and running store in neighboring Port Lavaca, TX.

Once a year, Dierlams sponsors an in-store "ask the expert day". Each supplier and distributor set up a booth and answers questions from customers who have been invited especially by mail. Customers are fed a noon and evening meal. David says it's a great way to generate sales.

Dierlam Feed Store Serving Victoria Texas for over 45 years Dierlam Feed Store Serving Victoria Texas for over 45 years
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